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WiimoteCommander is a tool for connecting wiimotes (with extensions) to a PC.

Key features:


The easiest way is to install required APIs JAR files in your JRE "lib/ext" directory. So they'll be available for the JVM without specifying a special classpath.

How to start

If you've made the required APIs JAR files available for the JVM, you just have to execute the "WiimoteCommnder.jar" file directly. It contains a manifest with the "Main-Class" defined inside.

You can also run the JAR with following command line:

    java -jar WiimoteCommander.jar -<look>
where <look> can be one of the following string values: The default look&feel is "CROSS_PLATFORM".

java -jar WiimoteCommander.jar -METAL
will run the application with a "METAL" look&feel.


Following information is available on this Web site:


WiimoteCommander is distributed under the "GNU Lesser General Public License".


This documentation corresponds to the version 2.0 of the software.